Consumer Proposal Calculator

A Consumer Proposal can reduce your debt by up to 80%
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Find out how much you can save with our Consumer Proposal Debt Calculator

Use the slider below to tell us how much you owe and we will show you how much you can save!

*Do Not Include Mortgage or Car Loan Debt.

$10,000 $250,000

With a consumer proposal at 0% interest, you will only have to pay back:

$3,480/$58 per month

*This calculator is for demonstration purposes only. Your results may vary based on your unique financial situation.

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Using our Debt Calculator

While a debt repayment calculator is a good tool to use when considering your options, please keep in mind that your actual results will vary. To speak with one of our government licensed insolvency trustees about your specific debt scenario, go ahead and book a free consultation. At David Sklar & Associates a trustee is always available to discuss your debt relief options at no cost or obligation to you. We’re here to help!

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Sound too good to be true?

The truth of the matter is that the Canadian government would rather have you claim a consumer proposal than a bankruptcy. Your creditors would rather receive 20% of your debt than nothing (which is what they would receive if you claimed bankruptcy).

The remaining debt is simply gone. As long as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is managing your consumer proposal, there is no catch. As a Canadian citizen, this is yours to use.

Why a Consumer Proposal?

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We're ready to help.

At David Sklar, our team is here to help you every step of the way. We not only explain every option available to you, we also give you the tools to help rebuild your wealth.

Speak to one of our Licensed Debt Counsellors today.

Let us show you there is hope and a way to financial freedom! The calls will stop, the stress will disappear, and you can start focusing on your future!

A better way than consolidating your debt.