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No one has more authority to talk about what we do than the clients we’ve already helped. We take our reviews very seriously, we listen to our clients and make sure that we always provide the best service possible.

Denise Simpson
15:17 09 Sep 21
I have had the privilege of being supported by Jackie S, at David Sklar n Associate.She was helpful, professional and friendly. I was able to get the help I needed at a difficult time in my life. I would recommend anyone who needs support with working out their debts to ask for Jackie, she will be waiting to assist however she can to help you through your debts. She works with a team who is always ready and responsive.Thank you Jackie and your team:)
rr 28
12:44 21 Aug 21
I finally pulled the trigger and seek help from this team. I tried to pay my debt in the way it should be until the pandemic made it even worst and couldn't keep up with my payments anymore. Jackie is an amazing person, I told her the problem, she gave me the solution and gave me a variety of options and walked me through the process. That simple. Thank you so much.
Vi Smith
18:09 13 Aug 21
Dealing with Jackie made the process so much more comfortable. From my first phone call with her I never felt like I was being looked down on. Jackie made this as easy as being in this situation could be.
Jelena Petrovic
18:06 20 Jun 21
Very professional and fast service! Also, personable!.. they don't treat you like a number, but like a person.From the time I first contacted them, until I was set up there has been not more than 7 days.I dealt with Jackie, she was great!
Mark Simmonds
21:50 16 Jun 21
I would just like to say thank you to David Sklar & associates for helping me out in this difficult time I was in way over my head, I was introduced to Jackie Stanley, at that moment things got better the calls stop. Jackie was so professional helpful, trusting answered all my calls all my Text, and emails professionally and respectful!! I can’t believe it, and now I’m gonna build my credit rating back up and have my life back Thank You, Jackie Stanley at David Sklar& associates, for doing an outstanding Job!!!!
Richelle Barriault
17:57 16 Jun 21
I am not very good at putting words together especially when your speechless for all the help from such a friendly happy non judgemental team. From being financially stressed and depression hitting all at once I connected with Jackie Stanley💯❤❤ from David Sklar team in a whole other level,she is an absolutely joy to deal with and very informative let me know there is light at the end of the tunnel.. despite my struggle the amazing lady Jackie Stanley was able to put a smile on my face and make me laugh super happy and grateful 🙏I was able to connect with her from David Sklar &Associates team I 💯 percent recommend her (Jackie Stanley) and will continue to recommend her. To any one looking to get out of debt or have any questions belive me when I say you will not be disappointed with Jackie she's such a great person and I'm lucky to have been able to recieve the help and guidance from such a wonderful person and you will be also...look no further no where but up from here ...Thank you So so much Jackie much appreciated
The Lit Lion
16:54 16 Jun 21
Reached out to Jackie, who was very cordial and professional. Highly recommended.
Nicholas Burnett
17:07 19 May 21
Very professional and courteous. Jackie was very helpful and understanding. She was happy to answer any questions I had and we were able to process everything quickly with no hassle.
Jay Caja
04:19 15 Apr 21
The support I received was thorough and timely and the help that I needed with Credit Proposal was addressed in a single interaction. Thank you so much!
stefania cicchino
13:54 27 Mar 21
We worked with Jackie. She is very professional and very caring. She is quick to respond and really cares about helping the people in front of her. I went with my uncle, who was scared of the whole process and mentally delayed. Jackie took her time with us and made him feel at ease. She carefully explained things multiple times and was very encouraging. She was a shining light in a difficult process.
Christine Lowe
16:44 12 Mar 21
Jackie is very professional, kind, supportive and super helpful. She was able to help me get back on track. Great service and I will definitely recommend them.
Belen Trava
19:01 11 Mar 21
Jackie provided me excellent service, was very helpful, and she made feel very secured and she listened to all my concerns.i was speechless with excellent service.
02:07 03 Mar 21
I've used these services twice and they have always been understanding, supportive and informative. They give you hope when you feel like there is none. I've referred multiple people to them and they've all had the same professional experiences. Jackie Stanley was amazing and got the job done. Thank you!
Kristine San Gabriel
15:14 02 Mar 21
Dealing with any kind of debt can be stressful. Jackie is amazing! Professional, warm and extremely helpful to say the least! She made sure to answer all of our questions, address any concerns and made this whole process as smooth as possible.
Clayton Surujbally
17:09 18 Feb 21
Working with David Sklar has been an easy and detailed process. I am especially thankful for the personal services provided by Jackie Stanley as she has been very informative and always ready to answer any questions or concerns in a timely manner. I highly suggest working with Jackie if the opportunity presents itself.
Andrei Podeanu (Dre)
02:09 01 Feb 21
Jackie Stanley will take you step by step in explaining the process professionally, answering all the question I had over the telephone or e-mail. We are very satisfied and grateful for her work and effort. Dan Podeanu
1 blaze
18:36 21 Jan 21
Jackie Stanley take you step by step in explaining the process professionally, replying on our every question over the telephone or e-mail. We are very satisfied and grateful for her work and effort.
Tree Broker
14:33 20 Jan 21
Jackie and the team at David Sklar and Associates took my very stressful situation and made me feel at ease. I was treated with respect and understanding from the start of my process right through to the end. Prompt email and phone responses made it feel like I was at the top of their priority list.Jackie and the team at David Sklar are the best in the business. I would highly recommend using their services.
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Alex Lamparter
13:07 03 Sep 21
My experience with Ashley Carter at David Sklar and Associates was very pleasant and professional. The process was made easy by Ashley with her help in answering my questions and concerns.
Nicole Minister
17:43 02 Sep 21
Ashley she was extremely helpful,super friendly and understanding my situation. I am very please for the service I received and I will recommend this Company to anyone in need of consolidating. Thanks so so much.
14:39 04 May 21
I had a nagging defaulted student loan that was holding me back. There were a few smaller issues that were compounding. The lockdowns really forced me to look into building back my credit and starting fresh.Ashley at David Sklar & Associates at the Keele and Finch location was a blessing. She was thorough in her explanations and answered any concerns I had. She gave me the options and let me decide what was best. After conferring with her, I decided bankruptcy was the best option. She made the process of filing for bankruptcy easy.There's nothing to be afraid of. Stigma attached to bankruptcy but you can reset if you work hard to make it happen.I highly recommend speaking with Ashley if you have any concerns about debt solutions.
21:05 28 Apr 21
I highly recommend David Sklar & Associates Inc. They helped me with my finances along with the help of Ashley Carter whom assisted me thoroughly throughout the process of my Consumer Proposal. She is very friendly, professional and updated me occasionally through emails. With her tremendous help, I am very thankful to have accompanied someone like her!
Fribeda Fronda
19:14 27 Apr 21
In behalf of David Sklar & Associates, Ms. Ashley Carter had been working tremendously and diligently to make people’s lives easier and stress free. Through this debt free program, my husband and I had been relieved from the headaches and worries of our financial standing before. Ashley, a soft spoken lady was very approachable and listened to our concerns. She explained to us very clearly the good things that will happen to our best interest. I believe that she is a great asset to the company and an excellent counsellor. My husband and I can’t thank you enough, Ashley, for all your help during those times when we needed it most. As of now, we are enjoying life in our seventies, though how simple it is we are happy because we have the assurance that sooner we will be debt free. Thank you so much Ashley for your kindness and for always being there for us. May God bless you more especially with good health.
Dalia Berger
13:49 27 Apr 21
I was so impressed with the professionalism , the speed, the attention, the compassion, and the efficiency your office of David Sklar provided for me, you provided me with necessary information, you helped me solve a big problem I had , you were always available to answer my questions, I can’t thank you enough ,Will always recommend you to anyone who could use your services, thank youDalia Berger
Lauren Jordan
13:28 27 Apr 21
They understand and good advice
Daniel Domingues
22:19 23 Jan 21
Ashley Carter was very nice to me and professional and she helped me with my issue and she answer my questions in email. She helped me a lot and she gave me less stress.
danny adlabi
20:11 19 Jan 21
Jackie Stanley was amazing she was kind and wonderful to work with i am so grateful for her help she set down went over all my questions and my situation and i got all the help i need it
David Gnesin
14:48 08 Dec 20
Ashley Carter was ver professional and understanding. Clearly she assisted in the best way to deal with our issues and executed them very efficiently.
Melissa Dowling
01:14 16 Nov 20
Ashley was helpful and efficient. She was clear with my options and made the process quick and painless. I appreciated her friendly and compassionate manner.
BigBen Reviews
19:16 28 Oct 20
They helped me in so many ways.. freed me form depression and being overwhelmed. Ashley is a amazing person, very busy but makes time for those who need it. If your stuck in life,call them.
23:16 04 Oct 20
When I called to have an appointment regarding my predicament , Ashley responded right away and help me step by step ON The proposalShe was so professional and very helpful . I would gladly to recommend her to my friends in need OF help
Erica Fabregui
20:41 15 Sep 20
Ashley from day one has been very helpful in answering all of my questions and concerns I've had. She has been very patient with my busy work schedule and was able to work around both our schedules to arrange our sessions and over the phone or zoom chats. She has been very responsive by email in answering all my questions. She has explained everything in detail throughout my whole process with her.Id really recommend her and David Skylar & Associates.
Maithamali Jiwan
18:45 29 Aug 20
Amazing Service, before they helped me I was drowning in stress and felt no way out. They helped take the burden off my shoulders.The agent helping me is Ashley and she is always there whenever I have any questions.Highly recommended!!!
Pam Amemori-Geurtsen
16:03 10 Aug 20
Dealing with Ashley at the Finch and Keele location gave me peace of mind. She was very helpful, walked me through the process and was very patient. Here’s to a fresh start!
Andy Tran
22:31 21 Jul 20
Ashley has been a great help to me with my current situation and has helped me solve my issue. Ashley is very professional and friendly and has made things very easy to understand. I would highly recommend!
Jonathan Gilks
02:15 17 Jul 20
My experience with this office was nothing short of stupendous. They assisted me every way possible, never making me feel ashamed of the position I was in. They offered sound advice, explaining all the steps. Thanks especially to Ashley who always went that extra mile.
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23:00 06 May 21
I would say my experience with David Sklar was spectacular, they made it really easy for my through the whole process and now 9 months later my bankruptcy is discharged.i would recommend David Sklar to anyone.
Desiree Balkaran
17:09 07 Feb 21
I have dealt with this company before many years ago when I did my bankruptcy , and found to be very trustworthy, professional, and right at ease. No judgement, very understanding and very supportive. So of course would come to then again when this time did the debt consolidation. The staff is friendly and goes over all the details with you and answers all your questions so you know exactly what to expect and make an informative decisison. I aslo like how if I had any questions could leave a message or email the company and how promptly they answer me back. Thank you David Sklar & Associates for getting me back on the right track and living a life of debt free again. I have my freedom back thank you for all your help and support. Amen 🙏
Maria G.
19:07 03 Jan 21
Cori, she’s very helpful and patient. She treated me with respect. She took so much time to explain to me what’s the best way to resolve my financial problem and teach me how i can save to avoid thesame problem again. Cori thank you so much.
charmedsaint charmedsaint
18:02 27 Oct 20
Davidsklar helped me to get back on my feet and put me back on the right direction. I would like to personally thank CORI NARON for helping me understand and manage my debt. Her work ethics is outstanding. . Now I’m DEBT FREE!!! Highly recommended.
Jan Aylsworth
13:58 07 Oct 20
It was 5 years ago I had an appointment with Cori Naron who changed my life for the absolute better. Her personality is outstanding. She took so much time to explain what I needed to do to better my situation. Now 5 years later I'm one payment away from being debt free. I couldn't be more grateful to Cori for her help. Thanks Cori for everything!
19:57 22 Sep 20
Hi I would like to share my experience about David Sklar & associates mostly there staff are very responsive and very efficient to help there client.they are very professional to act and to deal with problems you brought to them. They solve problems with good quality and good value.
Melanie Santos
16:38 16 Sep 20
Cori was extremely diligent, professional and helpful. Consolidating my debt was the best decision. I would recommend David Sklar & Associates Inc 10/10.
16:42 14 Sep 20
Before contacting David Sklar & Associates I was very nervous about what was going to happen to me and my lifestyle. I spoke with Cori and she walked me through my options and made sure all of the details were very clear and with no pressure added. A couple of weeks later I decided to go ahead with the proposal and since then I have felt very relieved. I am starting to rebuild and save some money for the first time in years. I would suggest this firm to anyone who needs debt consolidation.
20:21 10 Sep 20
I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Cori towards a debt free lifestyle and let me tell you now, you cannot choose a better person to help you! No matter what your situation or how it happened Cori is non judgemental and will go above and beyond. She is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I feel like I have been given me a fresh start and a huge weight has been lifted. Highly recommend Cori at David Sklar & associates!
20:20 30 Aug 20
I highly recommend David Sklar and Associates. My associate Cori was absolutely wonderful. She was very responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the entire bankruptcy process. Thank you for the wonderful service.
Davy Palumbo
07:48 31 Jul 20
David Sklar & Associates helped me get my finances back on track after falling into major debt. They are very helpful and will give you advice to stay on track. Cori took personal interest in making sure I knew all my options and make the right choices for me and my own situation. Highly recommend!
Christopher Cramer
13:20 22 Jul 20
Cori Naron is such a fantastic resource. She is compassionate, a thoughtful listener, and wholly encouraging. I found myself in a terrible financial circumstance due to a relationship breakdown. I was overwhelmed with debt, and had no idea where to go. From my first visit with Cori, she explained everything simply and walked me through every step of the process with ease. My debt was reduced immensely, and six months later I'm now in the best financial position I've ever been in. I cannot recommend her enough. 🙂
Riddlah One
14:26 21 Jul 20
Cori was fantastic! She truly saved me as i was drowning in debt. If you have debt, you found the right place. Easy and Transparent process. No scams or bs.
Kyla Turner
14:03 02 Jul 20
Cori was very genuine, kind and real. I was never shamed or made to feel bad for the predicament I was in. Cori was helpful in explaining my options and what each meant in the long run. Cori was the third person I had spoke to about this. The first interviewed me over the phone and proceeded to make me feel like a number and worse Like I was inconveniencing her. The second I went to visit in a dirty office with that had a desk littered with other people’s personal information, he even showed me someone else’s 407 bill in a “look at this one” way. And then worse he shamed me about my debt, leaning back in his chair his arms clamped behind his head looking down his nose at me. So I had almost given up, was feeling deflated and then I took one final chance to meet Cori. Right off the bat she stayed late to accommodate my work schedule and immediately put me at ease and made me feel like she was there to help and be apart of my team. It’s been a year. I have a savings account. My bills are paid monthly. I made a large purchase with cash - not credit. Paid for a trip - with cash and not credit. It feels amazing to be in control of my financial health. Thanks Cori.
Lorybelle Marquez
04:04 29 Jun 20
We highly recommend Cori Naron for helping families struggling debts like us.! Cori was very professional and caring.She treats her clients extra ordinary with compassion and humility...We would recommend this company who is struggling with debt to reach out.
Voltz Castro
22:28 19 Jun 20
At David Sklar staff and associates are very welcoming and very professional. I’ve been to other places before the service and the warmth welcome is incomparable. Thats one thing you need when you dealing with financial problems is that assurance that everything would be ok . With David sklar they made me feel that way.
May Quijano
18:51 09 Jun 20
Everybody is very helpful and professional.i need the help very badly because I knew that once I retired I can't afford to pay all my bills so I went to David Sklar for help and Cori attended to me and explained the whole process.now that I am retired I don't have to worry about my bills.debt free,stress free and have peace of mind.thank you DavidSklar and Associates for your help.thank you indeed.
15:53 11 May 20
Corey was so helpful and informative on the phone. She made me feel confident in the direction she gave me regarding how to proceed with my financials
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Chris Thompson
17:11 07 Feb 21
On February 2 l made the somber driveTo David Sklar and associates.I had known this location from having drovePast it many times over the years.I made a appointment using the phone numberOn their door in Pickering, OntLater that day l had a consultation withTrina Powell.Immediately upon meeting with her l wasBecomming more relaxed with the proceedings.Trina, was very down to earth, and very professional.We all have our calling, l can only gather sheHas found hers, and she is very good at herJob, and career.I met with her again two days later but on thisVisit l felt more relaxed, and self assured of myDecisions, having already met with Trina.Thank you! Hat's off to you.I also had a phone zoom call with MarkTo whom as well was very easy, and comfortableTo talk to,Thank you, Mark.The team at David Sklar and associatesShould take great pride, and comfort when theyHelp people, like me and probably so many others.Thank you.
Bongo Kidd1
13:36 12 Sep 20
I was looking for notary service ,this isn't what they do, but to how polite the secretary was when she answered the phone. I of to give them a 5*
Brook Hutchinson
12:19 07 Jun 20
Trina was very helpful in resolving all my debt problems
Bilal Khan
17:12 30 May 20
Trina and team are tru professionals. Trina always goes above and beyond to provide legendary service to her clients. She and her staff understand the need of clients very well and does go to any extent to provide that financial freedom with their programs. I highly Recommend Trina and her team at David Sklar.
Debra Grant
14:53 02 Apr 20
Hi ... I met with Trina at the Pickering Office of David Sklar, abouttwo month's ago. I was very worried about my financial situation,since I was unable to keep up with my bills. Trina was incrediblyhelpful, and assured me that everything will be fine. She offereddifferent options that were available to me, and did this in a verysoft, compassionate way. I never felt pressured, or rushed duringthis consultation. After discussing my concerns, and having Trinaanswer many questions that I had, I chose the best option that Ifelt was best for me. Now, two month's later, Trina is there for meany time I have a question to be answered. Everything is goingexactly as I had hoped. I would highly recommend Trina to anyperson going through financial difficulties, since her experiencewill definitely help you resolve your situation. She is there for youevery step of the way .
Donna Giorgi
19:13 20 Mar 20
I was taken care of in such an awsome way that it is really hard to but in words,Trina is very passionate about her work ethics, and really understand what you are going through. I am so grateful for Trina and her co worker's they are a great team.
19:40 12 Mar 20
Trina is the lady that’s assisting me with my fresh start, and she’s awesome! Very understanding and professional. Every concern was answered with no surprises. As this isn’t an easy decision for anyone, it was as pain free as it could be! Thanks 🙂
Matthew Lane
20:17 04 Mar 20
Trina is great, very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with my endless questions.
Robert Hoffman
22:29 28 Jan 20
It was a hard pill too swallow that i needed help. Once I got there Trina made me feel better about what i needed to do . I would like to thank Trina Powell for all the help.
Colleen S
22:51 22 Jan 20
I had the pleasure of working with Trina throughout my Proposal. She was extremely kind and empathetic towards my situation. If I had any questions or concerns, she was just 1 phone call away. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!
Andrew Moore
23:14 16 Jan 20
I highly recommend Trina powell, she is highly experienced at what she does. If you are looking for a fresh Financial start please get in touch with Trina Powell. Thank you once again Trina.
Saige Cooper
22:25 15 Jan 20
Trina has made me feel so comfortable during this process and has given me some great advice! I now feel very confident in my financial future and I highly recommend David Sklar & Associates - Trina in particular, thank you so much for your help!!
Alicia Cox
16:20 11 Jan 20
Trina you are awesome, you have made this experience so easy and you have helped me so much I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help you are an amazing person thank you
People Motherland
09:55 11 Jan 20
When I was booked for an appointment with Trina, I was over stressed and very ill. She quickly put me at ease with her calm and positive personality. Trina was outstanding, very patient, and extremely knowledgeable. She handled my issue with superior professionalism until full resolution.Trina is one of those rare individuals who 'blossoms' your life regardless of how bad things are, from the moment you first meet her. Trina, you are truly a wonderful, courteous and awesome person.  Thank you for caring,  for helping me to get my life back and to now concentrate on my health. You have given me the best gift to start the New Year. Thanks a Million! You deserve even more ★★I definitely recommend Trina at David Sklar Pickering office to anyone in need of financial assistance. With great appreciation, Olga S.L.
15:28 20 Dec 19
Trina has been amazing through this stressful time helping me get set up to relieve my debt and give me great financial advice. I was so stressed and depressed before going to see Trina and she answered all my questions and concerns and I didn't have to deal with the creditors at all, she took care of everything and gave me happiness back around the holidays so I could enjoy it with my son.Thank you so much Trina for everything. It's always great when I get to see you instead of nervousness and stress that I had before.
Danial Deachman
22:14 17 Dec 19
Trina is a wonderful person and is awesome at what she dose one of the nicest people I ever met she helped me threw a tough situation her team is amazing I highly recommend her
shao lee
18:47 30 Oct 19
Trina was really helpful, result forced and professional. I had great experience with her for my financial issues. thank you so much, Trina. I can start my new life.
Vern Cenac
17:22 18 Sep 19
Very professional and courteous.. Delivered as promised.
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21:14 12 Dec 20
The staff at David Sklar are professional, respectful and honest right from my first phone call. It made a really embarrassing and difficult situation easier to handle. Now I'm on the way to rebuilding my life for my family.Thank you to the team and especially Ashley from the Brampton location.
Omair pasha
17:32 11 Dec 20
Ashley Carter was great and helpful. Answered every and each questions in detail and politely. Thanks
Robert Buehler
00:33 16 Sep 20
David Sklar and Associates were very informative and helpful during this difficult time in my life. Ashley helped make this process stress free. I found her knowledge and guidance quite helpful. I now know I should have gone to them much sooner. Robert
Josh Gabrielse
13:57 28 May 20
Ashley has been fantastic and very kind and understanding throughout an otherwise difficult and stressful process. She alleviated all of our concerns and guided us through it all smoothly.
Anniefa GS
18:28 19 May 20
Shes very helpful,informative,kind, and she gets the job done!!
Kat W
23:56 13 Jan 20
I recommend anyone who lives in the Brampton area to definitely set a consultation with Ashley. She is absolutely fabulous and very professional. Hands down a very easy and stress free experience.
Derek Fry
17:34 05 Jan 20
It was mentally straining to make a decision like this and I was very unorganized with my finances. Ashley helped me get everything together and walked me through the whole process. It was not as stressful as I thought it would be thanks to her guidance.
Tom Baginski
18:55 29 Nov 19
Very helpful and very friendly staff. I went in to the office feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Ashley was very professional and knowledgeable and now I feel I can finally move on with my life. Thank you. I would highly recommend going to see them immediately please don't wait just deal with the problem right away so it can be behind you. Thank you again highly recommend!!!!!
Crissy Moscovitch
01:08 20 Nov 19
I highly recommend David Sklar & Associates. I went to the Brampton location feeling overwhelmed by my debt and left feeling at peace that it will soon all be behind me. Ashley Carter is great, she replies to phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Ashley helped me to choose the best way for me to overcome my debt. I really appreciate all that you have done. Thank you
Sean K
10:23 19 Nov 19
Excellent & knowledgeable experience , Ashley made the process of everything smooth & stressfree . Would recommend this location to anyone in the Brampton/ Mississauga area .
Jenn Lorimer
03:52 12 Nov 19
when I needed help for my Mom who is on disability and had debt with CRA, David Sklar was helpful and professional
pat brown
21:02 23 Oct 19
My Experience With Ashly at David Sklar & Associates was one of Gratification and Excellence. I was treated with respect which is most important to me when dealing with such a delicate situation such as this. I felt such relief just from the very first consultation visit. I wad given the opportunity to to make an educated decision on my debt situation which was greatly needed.The relief I feel now I cannot even explain in words I feel that there is hope again and confident that everything is going to be fine again.I just want to Thank Ashley and everyone at David Sklar & Associates for giving me such stress relief and hope that things will get better just follow there simple steps and be patient and once again life will be better.I would highly recommend Anyone to make an appointment With this company if you feel that there is no way out of your debt situation because believe me there is.
Denise Szajda
23:25 07 Oct 19
I went in the Brampton office nervous and unsure of what lay ahead. Ashley has so much information for me and put me in the right track. So much less stress and always a phone call or email away when I have questions.
osa alile
17:03 29 Aug 19
I just want to use this medium to tell my experience with David Sklar & Associates. I usually never bother to involve in review writing because people have different mood different days, and people do actually treat people differently based on their personal or collective demographical leaning.But I decided to agree with most people who said Ashley Carter is a Class and a pro. With major medical problems, high stress and serious financial entanglement, she provided a pathway for me to trust, educate myself, understand the process and find peace while smiling and telling me it will be o.k. I am deeply grateful to this young lady and her compassionate attitude toward her clients.
Luxe Acrylic
14:27 15 Aug 19
So my husbands lawyer referred him to this company, and my husband went and shortly after him, I went for myself. Ashley is the one who is dealing with our files. She is a beautiful person, and very straightforward. I am so grateful for the information she has taught us since we have met! And I do wish I done this sooner. But good things come to those who wait. I would highly recommend david sklar & associates to my friends, family, and clients in brampton who desperately need to repair their credit !
Kaci McFadden
18:45 13 Aug 19
Have been working with Ashley Carter since January 2019. She is helpful with her knowledge of debt proposals. She is helping me get my credit back on track. She is an amazing at listening to you and to see what my next step will be. If you are in Brampton with credit issues make an appointment with her asap. The quicker you start the process the faster you will see results.
Domenica Locche
12:57 05 Aug 19
It has been a pleasure working with Ashley Carter at David Sklar & Associates. She is a professional and makes me feel comfortable and at ease. I was consumed with worry and anxiety walking in the office but that was not the case after my meeting with Ashley. I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders and a great sense of peace. Ashley has given me the necessary tools to manage my financial affairs going forward. I'm grateful for all she has done for me. Thanks Ashley.
Don MD
14:50 30 Jun 19
Excellent experience with Ashley at the Brampton office. Sound financial advice that allowed me to move forward. High recommended. Don
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fidel Cruz
14:35 24 Jun 21
I have to say, I never thought that such process could have been so quick and easy. But then again I guess that's what happens when you deal with professionals. I dealt personally with Rodha Lewis, who was very attentive to my personal issue and very professional on her work. She's someone who will actually take her take and talk to you about the process and help you as much as she can. I am very grateful to her and very appreciative of her work. I couldn't have dealt with someone better. Thank you very much Rodha for your work.
Maria Curbelo
13:43 23 Jun 21
I just completed my proposal and I am thrilled. Rhoda was delightful to work with. She helped me end the phone calls and start rebuilding my life. I highly recommend the services here and will always recommend to anyone who asks. Definitely seek out their services if you are in need of some help.
Grace Muller
17:55 25 May 21
I must admit that I am so glad I called! I spoke to Rhoda Lewis who right away made me feel at ease. She's so caring and supportive I highly recommend her. Thanks to her my life is now on track! Thank you David Skylar & Associates Inc!
Elizabeth Thomas
09:18 04 Feb 21
I am so grateful to Rhoda Lewis for an amazing opportunity to start fresh, she is very knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. I felt so comfortable from the moment I walked into her office, I definitely would recommend Rhoda to anyone who is looking for help. I love and appreciate you very much for helping me. After all these years I still kept in touch with you via email just to say thank you. Thank you again so very much and continued blessings.
Dorianne White
15:06 19 Jan 21
We were so tired of our debt holding us back. We reached out to Jackie at David Sklar and she was so great from day one! She was quick understanding caring! Our experience was excellent! Everything was smooth and easy. What a relief it was with Jackie at David Sklar!Thank You so much 😊
Nilda H.
23:34 21 Dec 20
I highly recommend David Sklar & Associates, especially Rhoda Lewis, she listened with patience, understood my whole situation, advised professionally, she has many years of experience and is very knowledgeable, I felt confident with her work, she handled my case and guided me every step of the way, she reviewed with me in detail, and is very caring. I really trust David Sklar’s team, they really work and help people in a very simple and professional way. I am so grateful for Rhoda’s work helping me through this situation. Now it is like I received a 2nd chance to live free, I can take control and now take care of other things that matter in my life. Thanks for taking away the stress & weight I was carrying on my shoulders. I can now sleep at night. God Bless you for all your work. Thank you.
L. M.
15:29 10 Dec 20
I'm am very pleased that I contacted David Sklar & Assoc. I dealt with Rhoda Lewis, she was very professional and understood my need for their services. Rhoda set up a repayment plan, that was very easy to follow and made everyone satisfied.Going to David Sklar & Assoc. Was the best choice, to make for rebuilding my credit. I recommend David Sklar & Assoc. to anyone who needs help with debt relief.
Stefan P
00:39 03 Dec 20
This company and their employees are very professional and friendly. I mostly dealt with Rhoda Lewis (Mississauga office) and I was extremely satisfied with the way she handled my situation and felt at ease through the whole process as she made me feel all the time that she understood my situation and emphatized with me. I entirely recommend this company and Rhoda in particular to anyone who experience financial difficulties and need to sort out their problems without hesitation and confident that they chose the best of the best.
Alphonse Nguyen
15:58 27 Nov 20
Rhoda had helped, not only myself but also my mother, with our situations and with utmost understanding and compassion. She is very thorough with her work to make sure your case is successful. We highly recommend her expertise if you ever in need of a consumer proposal.
Silvana Cassella
20:56 27 Oct 20
From the moment I made the decision to call David Sklar & Associates, I knew I made the right decision.I didn’t read any reviews, didn’t make my decision based on word of mouth. I simply chose David Sklar & Associates from a Google search, and I’m so glad I did!Spoke to Andrea on my initial call...she could tell I was hysterical from my voice.By the end of that phone call I knew I made the choice, and chose the right company.She referred me to the Mississauga location.That’s when I met Rhoda.After listening to my situation, Rhoda assures me I was making the right move. She explained everything in full detail, and gave me her amazing professional advice.No one wants to be in this predicament, but unfortunately it happens, and YOU are not the only one. Rhoda made sure I understood this.Very empathic, kind, and supportive...always!Fast forward 1 1/2 years, I get my income tax bill. I was shocked to see I “owed” more than I expected. All that time later, I email Mrs Rhoda for some help, and advice. Instant response...Rhoda tells me not to worry, she has included all the excess owed income tax from the past! How amazing is she?!?!Like I said, no one wants to be in this spot. But if you ever find yourself struggling, don’t hesitate! Give David Sklar & Associates a call, and ask to see Rhoda.Best decision I’ve ever made!Thanks David Sklar, and a special thank you to RHODA LEWIS!!
12:21 27 Oct 20
I am a cancer patient and at that time my health wasn't at its best, my finances were a messed for I haven't been working for a year due to my medical illness.Someone recommended me to call Rhoda Lewis, a friend of mind which told me she said was so great in helping people to cope up with their current financial struggle. She was right, with Rhoda's guidance I was able to get through it and starting to rebuild my finances.I would definitely definitely recommend David Sklar & Associates Incif you want to escape that sinking boat to reach the shoreline.
Gina Ahuja
20:28 21 Oct 20
Rhoda has shown so much passion and commitment in helping my family. Being a single mom of 2 she has gone above and beyond to help us, we are truly grateful 🙏
Rick Mootoo
17:17 06 Oct 20
Rhoda from David Sklar have been tremendously helpful ,what ever problems or questions I throw at her there are always positive answer .I couldn't ask for a more better and helpful person. My experience with her and the company was very fruitful.I would recommend her or the company to anyone who are seeking help.Thumbs UP!!!!!!
Patrick Han
17:03 06 Oct 20
Rhoda Lewis is the best! If you need an insolvency trustee look no further
Roger Anthony Whitney
22:21 29 Jul 20
Great job by Rhoda and the David Sklar team in helping me get my life back in order. Nothing but 5 stars here
William Botic
15:40 10 Jul 20
They made everything simple and easy, and were able to guide me fix a lot of my credit issues. What was supposed to take 5 years only took me 2 and I owe that to the amazing people who work at David Sklar's offices in Mississauga. If you have issues with credit, they can help.
Anthony Boyce
21:56 22 Jun 20
came with questions and they have great answers. Rhoda was awesome in explaining all the solutions and possibilities. They sent me in the right direction and you can ask as many questions and they always make you feel welcome. Awesome place
The BusyGirl
18:15 03 Jun 20
It's been over a year since I've engaged David Sklar & Associates Inc. to assist me with my debts that were causing me a lot of anxiety, stress, and sleepless nights. I have been mainly assisted by Rhoda at their Mississauga office. Rhoda has been of tremendous help in assisting me. She is professional, very responsive, and extremely knowledgeable. I'll never regret the day walking into their office and not knowing what to expect. I am forever grateful to Rhoda and the team at David Sklar & Associates Inc. for helping me get my life back. I am a very satisfied client and I would encourage anyone who requires held in managing their debt load to give them a try.
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Wajay Awan
07:29 12 Oct 21
Very professional service. Before contacting David Sklar & Associates i contacted bunch of other firms they seemed fishy. After I spoke with Jason Sklar at Hamilton Office I discovered professionalism with hope. I was explained every step of my situation with solution professionally. Thank you David Sklar & Associates.
Bruce Locke
16:13 08 Oct 21
I met David a few months ago and i am glad I did. He has helped me all the way through my bankruptcy with good advice and explained every step of the process. David is a very down to earth and very professional. Anytime I've had a question I was able to reach out to David by phone or email and he always got back to me. If your struggling with your bills and need a way to get help, I strongly recommend David Sklar &Associates to help you. My experience with them on 1-5scale would be a 5;; My life is so much better now, thanks to David Sklar.
nicole lowartz
17:02 11 Mar 21
Had a great experience and successful result working with Carol at David Sklar & Associates! I was well informed and received great guidance after just the first conversation! She handled everything and helped me build a budget that is realistic and that i can really stick to! I highly recommend Carol and her team at David Sklar. Give them a call!
Anne Bailey
12:45 02 Sep 20
Jackie Stanley was very responsive and informative and I would highly recommend her professional services. She offered exemplary follow-up and support beyond what one would usually expect and she provided expert navigation on a very personal level to assist us through this process.
Brandi Young
18:53 01 Sep 20
We have been dealing with Mz. Jackie, in the hamilton office.She has been amazing with us. Going over all paperwork, explaining what we didn't understand. Answers everything we call her.We kind bubbly lady to deal with.Good job!!