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The main goal of this blog is to personalize our Bankruptcy Blog and Consumer Proposal Blog messages by presenting case histories that put a human face on the very real experiences of dealing with insolvency in the Toronto area.

At David Sklar & Associates we have helped thousands of people in the Toronto area get out of debt and get on with their lives. But we have never forgotten that the most important client is the client we are helping right now.

Our website is full of explanations and details about consumer proposals, division I proposals and bankruptcy – but we have found one of the best ways to show our website visitors what all this information means is to present case histories of real people.

Of course, we have changed the names, locations and other minor factors in our case histories to protect our clients’ identity and privacy – but the cases still show what it is like before, during and after filing a bankruptcy or a proposal.

Every client is unique and every case history is unique, however they share messages of hope and financial relief that often resonates with our readers and their own experiences.

Many of our clients have dealt with years of financial stress – from collection calls, to garnishees, to legal action, to the unrelenting fear of never being able to pay all their bills. We are understandably proud of our part in helping our clients to put this stress behind them and to move forward towards a more financially stable future.

If you live in the Toronto area and are unable to deal with your overwhelming debt load – you are welcome to call us to book a FREE consultation, during which our caring licensed professionals will review your finances in detail and discuss all of your options for getting out of debt and getting on with your life.

Consumer Proposal Cases

Division I Proposal Cases are included in the Consumer Proposal Cases.

Cases include single moms, seniors, families, new Canadians, entrepreneurs and many other people in all walks of life.

Bankruptcy Cases

Our Bankruptcy Cases reflect the fact that bankruptcy can happen to all types of people and that often one of the hardest parts is picking up the phone to get help.

Recent Posts

Case History: ‘Pamela’ – Loss and Recovery with a Consumer Proposal

Hitting bottom can be devastating, but it can also be the start of a financial recovery.

Case History: ‘Susan and Bob’ – Standing Together, Consumer Proposal in Pickering

Find out how a serious injury and the financial fallout was handled by this remarkable Pickering family.

Case History: ‘Nate & Shelly’ – Credit Card Debt Spiral

Caught in the credit-card/line-of-credit downward spiral, this Toronto family needed help.

Case History: ‘Stan & Michel’ – A Consumer Proposal for Debt

Stan and Michel (not their real names) dealt with several years of unemployment and health issues before seeking help.

Case History: ‘Freda’ – Managing Excessive Debt on a Fixed Income

At 68 and living on a low fixed pension, Freda (not her real name) could no longer afford her large debt payments.

Case History: ‘Paul & Nancy’ – Stop Aggressive Bill Collectors

This Toronto family’s financial recovery was threatened by aggressive collection efforts.

Case History: ‘Parmenia’ – Gaining Control, Consumer Proposal in Scarborough

The stress of hiding the financial mess she was in, led this Scarborough professional to get the help she needed.

Case History: ‘Little Joe’ – Family First, Consumer Proposal in Pickering

In addition to the stress of a severely ill son, this Pickering couple was trying to deal with collection calls.

Case History: ‘Yvette & Georges’ – Avoiding a Second Bankruptcy in Toronto

Yvette & Georges (not their real names) were facing one of their greatest fears, having to go into bankruptcy a second time.

Case History: ‘Susan’ – Consumer Proposal Recovery & Unsecured Debt

Find out how ‘Susan’ (not her real name) is rebuilding her financial life, after losing it all to drug addiction.


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