Amending a Consumer Proposal

Amending Consumer Proposals

Amending a consumer proposal is a formal method of asking creditors to change the terms of a consumer proposal. This is usually done by the Trustee, when the person who has filed the proposal is no longer able to honour the terms of their proposal.

Because of the care we take to ensure that our clients’ consumer proposals are realistic, and the excellent tools we provide our clients to help them better manage their finances – the vast majority of our consumer proposal clients are able to make all of their proposal payments in full and on time.

However, despite their best intentions, some clients find themselves unable to fulfill the conditions of their consumer proposal. The causes for this vary, but they often include – reduced income, job loss, illness, divorce or other major life events.

It should be noted that normally, under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA), if three proposal payments are missed, a consumer proposal is automatically deemed annulled (cancelled).

Take Heart – There Are Solutions:

If they are having problems honouring the terms of their proposal, it is essential that clients let their Trustee know as soon as possible. That way, there may be time to find a solution.

If the inability to pay is a temporary situation:

  • The Debtor may miss up to two payments without having to amend the existing proposal. The Debtor will need to make up these payments before the end of the proposal.
  • If the amount unpaid is less than three months of payments – they can also increase the amount of future monthly payments, to make-up for the missed payments, without having to amend the proposal.

If the inability to pay is permanent:

  • If the client’s new income is permanently less than when they filed their proposal, the Trustee can work with the Debtor to submit a consumer proposal amendment to their creditors, reducing the monthly payments.
  • If the situation is such that an amendment has been, or will be rejected by the creditors – it may be time to discuss filing for bankruptcy with the Trustee.

What Happens if a Consumer Proposal is Annulled?

As mentioned above, normally once three months of payments are outstanding on a consumer proposal, the consumer proposal is automatically annulled.

If the proposal is annulled, the debtor and creditors are back where they started from and the creditors have the right to take legal action against the debtor. At this point, the debtor may need to discuss the possibility of filing a bankruptcy with their Trustee.

However, if the client’s situation turns around, the Trustee might be able to begin a process to reinstate the proposal. Note: if the proposal was filled before September 18, 2009 it can be more difficult to reinstate the proposal.

If you are having problems honouring the terms of your consumer proposal,
let your Trustee know as soon as possible.


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Best thing I ever did! Don't let the messaging out there convince you being unable to manage your debt is shameful and a failing. Cori is amazing! She knows what she's talking about and she will guide through all your options. Everyone I've dealt with at David Sklar has been respectful and friendly. This was life changing help for me.
F Volpe
05:07 11 Jan 21
Cori, she’s very helpful and patient. She treated me with respect. She took so much time to explain to me what’s the best way to resolve my financial problem and teach me how i can save to avoid thesame problem again. Cori thank you so much.
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I highly recommend David Sklar & Associates, especially Rhoda Lewis, she listened with patience, understood my whole situation, advised professionally, she has many years of experience and is very knowledgeable, I felt confident with her work, she handled my case and guided me every step of the way, she reviewed with me in detail, and is very caring. I really trust David Sklar’s team, they really work and help people in a very simple and professional way. I am so grateful for Rhoda’s work helping me through this situation. Now it is like I received a 2nd chance to live free, I can take control and now take care of other things that matter in my life. Thanks for taking away the stress & weight I was carrying on my shoulders. I can now sleep at night. God Bless you for all your work. Thank you.
Nilda H.
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The staff at David Sklar are professional, respectful and honest right from my first phone call. It made a really embarrassing and difficult situation easier to handle. Now I'm on the way to rebuilding my life for my family.Thank you to the team and especially Ashley from the Brampton location.
21:14 12 Dec 20
Ashley Carter was great and helpful. Answered every and each questions in detail and politely. Thanks
Omair pasha
17:32 11 Dec 20
I'm am very pleased that I contacted David Sklar & Assoc. I dealt with Rhoda Lewis, she was very professional and understood my need for their services. Rhoda set up a repayment plan, that was very easy to follow and made everyone satisfied.Going to David Sklar & Assoc. Was the best choice, to make for rebuilding my credit. I recommend David Sklar & Assoc. to anyone who needs help with debt relief.
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From consult to resolution the service was highly professional. I felt heard and understood. There was no judgement. Jackie always responded to my questions in a timely manner. Most of all, Jackie went all out to see that I got the best care and advise she could find.
evangia cawley
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So grateful to the whole team at Sklar for the opportunity to start fresh after a very difficult time of job loss. They went the extra mile for me and have been stellar! J
16:20 09 Dec 20
David Sklar and Associates is an outstanding firm. Jackie Stanley is an excellent, professional and warm trustee. Thank you Jackie.
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Ashley Carter was ver professional and understanding. Clearly she assisted in the best way to deal with our issues and executed them very efficiently.
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