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Ten years after Dominic and Emily (not their real names) were married and moved to Pickering, their son Joseph was born.

‘Little Joe’ was the joy of his parent’s lives. Unfortunately, as he grew, it became clear that something was wrong. Eventually, Joe was diagnosed as severely autistic. His doctors believed he would require ongoing care and supervision for the rest of his life.


Emily gladly dedicated herself to providing the full-time care that her son needed. Both she and Dominic believed it was the best thing for ‘Little Joe’ and their family. However, it meant also that she could not bring in the second income that she and Dominic had come to rely on.

When Joe was old enough to start school, Emily thought she could work outside the home again. Unfortunately, the school could not always manage Joe, and Emily had to pick him up several times throughout the week. As a result, working even part-time was an impossibility.

Thankfully, the Pickering couple received some financial assistance from the Ontario government to care for their son. Still, Dominic and Emily found themselves slipping further and further into financial difficulty. After a while, they could no longer keep up with their debt payments and began to receive collection calls.

On the advice of a friend, they sought the help of David Sklar & Associates.

Here's how David Sklar & Associates was able to help Dominic and Emily reduce their debt payments

During their first meeting, Dominic and Emily met with Trina Powell (Licensed Debt Counsellor) for an in-depth review of the finances.

Including government assistance, the couple brought in a total income of $45,000 and had unpaid debts of $30,000 across four credit cards. In addition, they owned no assets whose value exceeded Ontario bankruptcy exemption levels. As a result, they would have to give up little or no possessions to cover their debts if they chose to file bankruptcy.

However, Dominic and Emily wanted to repay their creditors as much as possible. After exploring their options with Trina and their trustee, they decided that filing a consumer proposal was the ideal solution. By choosing this option, they could negotiate with their creditors to repay only a portion of their current debts.

trina powell licensed debt counsellor david sklar

Trina Powell

Licensed Debt Counsellor

Here's how much Dominic and Emily were able to save by filing a consumer proposal

With the assistance of David Sklar & Associates,

Dominic and Emily submitted a proposal to their creditors to repay $18,900 worth of credit card debt.  This amount was a sizable discount from their existing obligations of $30,000.

But creditors accepted the offer, as they would receive far less if the couple were forced down the path of bankrupcty. The agreement was a win-win for everyone involved. In particular, Dominic and Emily were happy to be relieved of tremendous financial pressure, allowing them to focus on caring for their son.

Under the proposal’s terms, they would pay $315 for a period of 60 months, which they could easily manage compared to their debt payments before filing their proposal. In total, they cut down their credit card debts by 37%.

As part of her Consumer Proposal, Freda attended two financial consulting sessions, where she learned valuable money management skills. After years of relying on her husband to take care of the finances, followed by years of hanging on by sheer willpower, Freda was glad to finally come to the point where she had the knowledge and independence to take control of her own life.

To protect our client’s privacy, aspects of this case study have been altered.

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels, Photo by jonas mohamadi

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Kelly Silke
Kelly Silke
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Trina Powell is an excellent listener and completely non judgmental. She truly cares for her clients and goes out of her way to be available and to help even when that means she has to accommodate last minute life changes. She is incredibly smart and kind and takes the time needed to explain everything from start to finish. She is an incredible human being and only wants the absolute best for everyone she helps. The work she does is life changing and improving. I highly recommend her services and support to anyone else who is struggling with their debt loads to seek out her help. Trina will absolutely be there for you too and help you just as excellently as she did for me. I cannot say enough good things about her or the amazing work she does. Her patience, empathy, understanding, and dedication make her the absolute best. You should absolutely trust her with your life on the road to moving forward. Don’t be afraid you’re not alone and Trina will help you too.
Sheri Stevens
Sheri Stevens
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I am so grateful to Jackie Stanley with David Sklar & Associates. She has listened and worked with me to come to a reasonable solution. Jackie has provided so much information, walking me through everything. I couldn’t ask for a more patient, kind and understanding person to help me. I look forward to working with her through my time with David Sklar & Associates.
Bob Irvine
Bob Irvine
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Jackie Stanley is an extremely personable, friendly and professional representative with David Sklar & Associates. Her customer service skills are exemplary and her knowledge with regards to my situation and helping me with getting my life back on track was just amazing. She was very understanding of my issues, and took her time to make sure that I understood everything. At the end of my meeting with her I left feeling emotional but relieved to know now that my life can finally move forward. Jackie, you have been a great asset in my life and I will never forget your kindness. Mr. Sklar I would just like to say that you have a 5 Star representative in your associate Jackie Stanley. Respectfully, Bob
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After seeing your commercial play on CP24, I realized that it addressed all the questions and concerns I had about my financial situation. It all started with my one phone call to your office. I had the extreme pleasure of working with Cori Naron at your St. Clair West office in September 2022. She took the time to explain what my options were knowing that it was a very stressful situation with my debt load. She made me feel at ease with my decision to file a consumer proposal and outlined the benefits to me. She is thorough and her attention to detail is outstanding. While it takes a little while to reap the benefits of making this hard decision, she took the time to reassure me that it was in my best financial interest. Well done David Sklar & Associates for having such an amazing representative at your company and for allowing me to "get a fresh start"!
Christopher Rakobowchuk
Christopher Rakobowchuk
Read More
Jerry Janiec is very knowledgeable and very helpful everything he explained to me was straightforward and very easy to understand. I'm very pleased to be working with Jerry to become debt free. I will definitely be recommending to any friends or colleagues your services. Thank you again for helping me get on the road to be debt free. 5 Stars is well deserved.

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