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Student Loans – Special Debt

If you have Student Loans and are contemplating filing a Division I / Consumer Proposal or Personal Bankruptcy, you may not be able to include them as part of the unsecured debt you are seeking release from. There are specific legal guidelines covering Student Loans, which may exclude them from discharge or release.

Student Debt Help

It is recommended that you discuss your Student Loan special debt situation with a Bankruptcy Trustee to see exactly what your options are. Serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1997 – the Certified and Licensed Professionals at David Sklar & Associates will be able to help you identify, and act on your choices. Call us at 416-498-9200 to book your free consultation – we can help.

In general, your Student Loans will only be considered for release in Personal Bankruptcy if it has been seven or more years since you ceased to be a student (full or part time).

Depending on your financial situation and type of Student Loan, the governments of Canada and Ontario offer a number of plans for re-payment assistance. These plans can include interest relief, payment deferral, and debt reduction. Be sure to check out these programs at:

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