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Commonly asked questions about Bankruptcy in Ontario

The decision to file for bankruptcy should never be made before speaking with an experienced Licensed insolvency trustee. The most frequently asked questions concerning personal bankruptcy in Ontario are listed below. We have guided thousands of clients through the process of personal bankruptcy and assisted them in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

In order to be eligible for personal bankruptcy, you must be, 18 years of age or older and you need to be insolvent. This means you owe a minimum of $1,000 and cannot afford to make payments when they are due.

Declaring personal bankruptcy eliminates most—if not all—of your unsecured debts. This includes credit cards, lines of credit, student loans (if you’ve been out of school for more than 7 years), personal loans, payday loans, and income tax debt. Some debts cannot be eliminated by declaring personal bankruptcy, including child support, alimony, court-imposed fines, and fraudulent debt.

Some debts cannot be eliminated through bankruptcy. These include child support, alimony, student loans (within 7 years of completing studies) court-imposed fines and fraudulent debt.

What you get to keep when you file for personal bankruptcy depends on many factors. If you’re concerned about losing your pension, your RRSPs, your home, or other assets, it would be best to contact us so we can explain how this would look in your situation. 

Learn more about what you get to keep when you declare personal bankruptcy

Each year the Superintendent of Bankruptcy outlines what they feel is a basic income for different family sizes. When declaring personal bankruptcy your income and size of your family impact the amount you will need to pay and for how long. Surplus income is any income earned above the standards set by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. You are required to pay half of any surplus income you earn above that amount.

There are two debt-relief options that we like to recommend—personal bankruptcy and consumer proposals. Either declaring bankruptcy or filing a consumer proposal will help you to clear your debts and protect you from creditors. However, there are some differences to be aware of:

  1. With bankruptcy, some of your assets are not protected. With a Consumer proposal your assets are protected.
  2. If your income increases after declaring bankruptcy, your monthly payment will also increase. With a consumer proposal, your monthly payment  will not change, regardless of any increases to your income.
  3. You have the option to pay off your consumer proposal at any time and begin the road to financial recovery sooner. With personal bankruptcy, the length of time it takes to receive your discharge depends on many factors. Learn more about bankruptcy 
  4. In general, there are fewer requirements involved with a consumer proposal than with bankruptcy. 

If you have any additional questions about consumer proposal vs personal bankruptcy, we are just a phone call away. 

If you are over 18 years of age, owe $1000 or more in unsecured debt, aren’t able to pay your debts, and owe more than the value of your assets, you may consider declaring personal bankruptcy in Ontario.

Bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 6 years after the discharge date, or 7 years after the date filed. If a second bankruptcy is filed, it will remain on your credit report for 14 years after you receive your discharge.

A consumer proposal can be removed from your credit report as soon as 3 years after you’ve paid off all the debts, or a maximum of 6 years from the date it was filed, whichever comes first.

After filing for personal bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal a lender may not want to take the risk of lending you unsecured credit or loans without some form of security. That’s why secured credit cards are the perfect tool for individuals with poor credit.  A secured credit card requires you to pay upfront and create a credit limit with your own money. This way the lender takes virtually no risk. Once you receive your new secured credit card you can continue to use it for everyday purchases and rebuild your credit in the process. 

The cost of declaring personal bankruptcy in Ontario depends on your unique financial situation. Factors such as monthly income, family size, and assets all play a role in the payment required. The licensed insolvency trustee at David Sklar & Associates will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation, consultation.

If you declare personal bankruptcy, it will not affect your spouse. The only exception to this rule is if your spouse has co-signed or guaranteed your debt, or If you both have a credit card on the same account. It’s also possible that assets with equity held jointly with your spouse may be affected.

Getting into debt is easy. Getting out is a different story.

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Did you know there is a Canadian debt relief program federally regulated by the Canadian Government, designed to help citizens avoid claiming bankruptcy? This amazing program can only be administered by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT).

If you’re struggling to make your payments every month and creditors won’t stop calling, we can help.

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I was a little nervous going into my consumer proposal with David Sklar & Associates as I had a horrible experience attempting to file with a different group.Following the first correspondence, I immediately felt much more relaxed and confident in my decision.Beatriz was incredible! I feel so lucky to have had her working with me.She was friendly and kind, professional, patient, considerate, and caring. I felt no judgment in anyway. Honestly, speaking with her regarding my debt felt like I was speaking with a family member – just very easy to discuss how I ended up in my financial situation and being met with understanding, no judgment.Mark was also very kind and made sure that I understood what was discussed and was open to going over it again if needed prior to signing.David Sklar & Associates is the team you want handling and assisting you with your debt. I have only positive things to say about them and will 100% recommend them to anyone if the situation ever arises.
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Helped me with filing for bankruptcy and getting a fresh start and made the whole process seamless and easy.
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I would like to say "Thank you very much" for David Sklar team that handled my case smoothly and without any issues! I am glad that I ve got consultation by Jerry Janiec. He explained me all process in details and told me right away what options I do have to resolve financial difficulties. I ve proceed with consumer Proposal option and entire process was very smooth. Jerry took care of my case and gave me personal recommendations for future! Thank you very much Jerry and Hernee for your help and really take care of your clients!
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Very knowledgeable, helpful and fast service
I am so delighted to have found this company. They are the best. Everyone in the office is very nice never to busy to assist you. Thank you David Sklar and Shirley and associates for being you. 😊🌺😊
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Trina was amazing and quick. No judgement was made and they all made me feel I made the right decision. Would highly recommend them
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Trina was very easy to work with. Any questions I had were answered promptly. What seemed like a complicated process was explained in a clear manner that wasn't at all intimidating. It made for a more comfortable experience during a turbulent time.
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Jackie is very professional...I would recommend David Sklar to anybody especially knowing how understanding they are.
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