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Wage Garnishment Canada

garnishment (often called a garnishee) is a legal order from the Courts – where money owed to a creditor is taken from the debtor by a third party (ie Bank or Employer) and given to the creditor. Money is usually taken from a debtor’s bank account or from a debtor’s wages.

How to Stop a Wage Garnishment

Wage Garnishments are much more than embarrassing and frightening to the debtor – they tend to be an indication of serious financial problems. If your wages or bank accounts have been (or are about to be) garnisheed – and your debts are overwhelming, contact a local Bankruptcy Trustee. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, call 416-498-9200 and book a Confidential & Free Initial Consultation with David Sklar & Associates – Bankruptcy Trustee. We will work with you to evaluate your current financial condition and help you find a way out.

Garnishments will only normally be lifted if the debt is paid in full, or if you get protection through a Trustee using the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Depending on your situation, you may not have to file bankruptcy to get a garnishment lifted. If you qualify, filing a Consumer Proposal (or a Division I Proposal if you total debts are greater than $250,000 – not including your mortgage) will enable you to:

  • Stop garnishments,
  • Stop collection calls,
  • Keep your assets, and
  • Pay off all your debts at a fraction of the total owing – in five or less years.

Your Trustee will advise you on whether or not you are eligible for protection through the filing of a proposal or bankruptcy.

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