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A consumer proposal can reduce what you owe by up to 80%

$10,000 $250,000

Your Options
What you pay
Consumer Proposal (0% Interest)
Do Nothing (19% Interest)
Debt Consolidation Loan (30% Interest)

* Calculations are made over a 5 year period

*This is a tool for comparisons purposes only. We have used average interest rates in these calculations and the most common consumer proposal terms. The exact results may vary depending on the actual interest rates of your debts and the exact status of your financial situation.

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We’re licensed by the government to offer Consumer Proposals that can help reduce your debts by up to 80%.

After evaluating your finances, we speak with your creditors to negotiate a reduced payment. Once your offer is approved, you will have one low monthly payment to make without interest, collection calls will stop, and you keep all of your assets.

We have helped thousands of people in Ontario get rid of their debt and start living life again!

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All of your questions and concerns will be answered with respect. We are here to hold your hand, take away your worries, and get you back to living your best life. 

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