Those Unpaid Parking Tickets and your Credit Score

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Unpaid Parking Tickets and Credit Score – A Connection?

Could there be a correlation between the two? Unpaid parking tickets and your Credit Score? It can happen from time to time that you forget about a parking ticket, but the fact that you may have forgotten about them does not mean they’re gone away. Unpaid parking tickets can often find their way to your Credit Report.

Often it may not cross one’s mind that unpaid parking tickets can affect your credit scores. If you have too many unpaid parking tickets, sooner or later it will catch up. If you were to apply for a credit loan, the lender will get a report on you and any outstanding debts will appear. Also, it is a good idea to periodically check on your credit report to see if there any issues.

Pay Those Tickets

If you do happen to see an outstanding parking ticket. Look to get it paid off with the city ASAP, then see if you can get it removed from your public record. In a situation like this, you would most likely pay the city your fine and any other fees that are involved, and then see about getting it removed from your credit report. If you are able to get this removed from your credit report, then chances are your score will improve.

Aim to prevent getting parking tickets in the first place. If you do get a ticket, then pay it off ASAP. While not all cities will send a collections agency after you for a parking ticket, it can find its way on to your credit report and negatively affect you that way. So it will get noticed at some time, and it will affect you.

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