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Financial struggles can happen to anyone. Every day, the team at David Sklar & Associates works hard to help people who have fallen on hard times and owe money. Clients come to us for help filing consumer proposals, declaring bankruptcy, and getting credit counselling. The insolvency process is designed to help people who have fallen deep into debt rebuild their financial lives, while still allowing creditors to recoup something. But getting debt-free goes beyond your consumer proposal.

Living a debt free life is about changing your financial habits and learning how to use credit to your benefit. That’s why David Sklar & Associates provides credit counselling and tips for staying out of debt. You don’t have to go further than this very blog for debt help. You can find budgeting tips, detailed looks at the consumer proposal process, and tips on what to do when you owe money. The work we do is all about helping people and that’s why we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been honoured with a number of awards that recognize how much we care about our clients.

Just in 2018, we’ve been recognized by:

  • Feedspot, which gave our Living Debt Free blog their Top 60 Debt Free Blogs Award
  • The Canadian Business Awards, which awarded David Sklar & Associates top honours as the best debt management service provider in Ontario
  • ThreeBest Rated’s Certificate of Excellence in every city where we have an office, recognizing our work providing debt consolidation services in Brampton, Mississauga, Pickering, and Toronto.
  • 500 five-star ratings on Trust Pilot; our clients have given us over 500 reviews with five star ratings on one of the world’s largest reviews aggregators

If you’re stressed out because you can’t pay bills, your debts have gone to collection, your wages are being garnished, or other legal action is being taken against you, it’s time to get professional debt management help to find relief. As soon as you start the consumer proposal process, actions like debt collection calls and wage garnishments must stop. You get instant relief while you negotiate a small monthly payment that will be distributed to your creditors.

Consumer proposals are often a better way out of insolvency than debt consolidation loans. Consumer proposals let you pay back your debt over a period of up to five years in small monthly payments. The size of the payment depends on how much money you can afford to pay. Unlike a debt consolidation loan, interest stops accumulating on your debt in a consumer proposal.

Awards are great recognition, but it’s feedback from clients that mean the most, whether it’s a review, a call, or just a client saying, “I wish I’d done this sooner.” Debt and insolvency can be extremely stressful situations to be in. The team at David Sklar & Associates wants to provide relief from that stress. With debt experts on your side, you can get through insolvency. Give us a call and find out what we can do to help.



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