Here’s How to Vacation on a Budget and Have a Blast

Here’s How to Vacation on a Budget and Have a Blast

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The weather is getting good and it’s safe to say that summer is finally here. As we all know, the second we announce that it is officially summer is also the moment that the clock starts counting down to fall and winter.

Teachers have it pretty good since they’ve got the time off to make the most of the sunshine and warm weather. For everyone else, summertime might just pop out of nowhere. It was cold just a second ago and now there’s all this pressure to take a trip, visit a beach, explore your city, and see new places.

Making the most of summer might as well be a national sport for those countries with varied and intense weather patterns. While there’s no shortage of fun things to do during the months of July and August, planning summer recreation and trips can be tricky for those on a budget.

You Need a Vacation

There aren’t many folks out there who would turn down the opportunity to go on a free vacation. After all, taking a trip is such a major financial commitment. And for many of us, there’s already enough financial commitments that are taking up all of our energy. For some of us, it just feels like the bills keep piling on but there’s never enough money in the bank.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to live with constant concerns about the debt that they owe. Living with debt has become the new norm with the sweeping ubiquity of student loans, lines of credit, auto loans, and the other debts that make up our lives. When we’re living without enough money to pay all of our bills and provide for our families, we lose the ability to plan for the future. Insufficient funds also restrict our choices and takes a serious emotional toll on our wellbeing.

There are options to borrow money to pay the bills, though they only lead to more debt and more problems. The cycle of debt is real and living it is enough to leave anyone beyond exhausted. The irony is the one thing that could let you recharge – a vacation – is completely not an option.

So that leaves you in a position where you are motivated to address your debt and are ready to regain financial control of your life. Is it possible to take a vacation while on a tight budget focused on debt recovery? Keep reading.

Money Troubles Getting You Down

If you want to get out of debt so you can travel more, you need to come up with a plan. Sometimes the most important step in the journey of debt recovery is simply acknowledging that you are insolvent. It can be tough to face the hard realities of personal insolvency, but once you decide to get financial help from a professional, you’re already on the road to recovery.

One of the most common things that clients of Licensed Insolvency Trustees (also known as bankruptcy trustees) say is how much they wish they had booked a consultation earlier. Bankruptcy trustees in Ontario offer their clients all the facts about their financial situation and their options for debt relief.

Turn It Around with Debt Relief

Trustees are amazing resources for information regarding personal insolvency and federally regulated debt relief programs. They can explain the consumer proposal in Ontario pros and cons to clients, who are often unfamiliar with the consumer proposal (bankruptcy, thanks to its representations in popular movies and television, is much more widely known).

Trustees are meant to help you get through a rough patch while also giving you the tools to set goals and plan for the long-run. They are also the place to go if you’re looking for where to get a consumer proposal since bankruptcy trustees are the only professionals authorized to administer the debt relief procedure.

Don’t Delay Getting Advice from a Pro

Trustees will always go over the numbers with you and explain all of your options. They can explain what it would look life if you underwent a consumer proposal or bankruptcy as a way to eliminate your debt. They do not make decisions on your behalf, but they can give you their opinion on how to best address your debt.

It could end up that you don’t need to go through a federally regulated debt relief plan after all. If there are other options such as using home equity or taking out a debt consolidation loan, the trustee will give you nothing but an unbiased and professional opinion.

They’re always there to help whether you need to find out how to stop wage garnishment or simply need credit counselling. They are not qualified to help with debt-related personal issues such as addiction or mental health issues, but they will always refer clients to the right resource. They will help you identify your financial goals and give you the tools that you need to carve out a financial plan for your future.

Travel Is Possible with Planning

And what could be a better financial plan than a thorough and accurate budget? Budgets are an absolutely essential personal finance tool for anybody, not to mention those that need to adhere to a debt recovery plan. Don’t let your debt keep you at home. You can still travel and enjoy yourself on a budget, especially when you plan your trip around Canadian destinations.

Canada has a bit of a global reputation for being a social utopia of diversity and politeness. There’s so much more to the Great White North than being overly apologetic though. If you’re ready to recharge, taking a trip to Canada is exactly what you need.

Destination Canada

In addition to being an affordable place to travel in, Canada is just simply awesome. It’s vast, varied, extremely beautiful, and serene. What better place to spend some time recharging and rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit? The country offers coast (east and west), mountains, rainforests, cultural cities, glacier lakes, and so much more. Sound like the place for your next adventure?

Before you pack your bags, you’ll have to be realistic about your budget and expectations. If you’re on a debt-focused budget, it is possible to travel within your means. Here’s how to budget for travel when you are being cautious with your spending.

Traveling on a Budget

The nature of your trip depends on your travel style and the size of your group. You could be a solo traveler looking to nourish their independent spirit, which means that your needs won’t be the same as the generic family or couple. It’s possible to save money on travel, even if money is tight and you don’t have endless vacation time.

To make sure you don’t hit any financial emergencies while traveling, you should create a budget in advance of your trip. Build in a contingency fund and be honest with yourself about the things that you want to do on your trip and the things that are right for you and your budget.

You can find ways to lower your expenses by traveling in off-peak seasons and snatching up discount transportation deals. Set yourself up with some helpful budgeting software on your phone and be sure you can refer to it while on your trip. Look for the free days at museums and art galleries and opt for modest accommodation so you can spend more of your budget on entertainment and activities.

Top Canadian Travel Destinations

You’re ready to travel the country, which begs the question: where exactly do you go? Canada is a very, very large country with lots of vast space in-between cities. Here we’ve listed some of the top Canadian travel destinations that make for truly unique and memorable vacations.

Old Quebec City

Experience the rich cultural history that is the French heritage of Canadians, which is alive and well in Quebec City in the province of Quebec. A French-speaking city with cobblestoned streets, completely accessible and well-preserved seventeenth century architecture, French food, and the only fortresses still standing in North America outside of Mexico. Visitors to Quebec City describe the place as a completely unique travel experience, like visiting a European city of yesteryear.

Cape Breton Island

Canada has a very distinct east coast culture. Known as the Maritimes, Eastern Canada is home to incredible sea fish, glaciers, and all sorts of gorgeous natural formations like cliffs and mountains. One notable Maritime destination is Cape Breton, an island in the province of Nova Scotia.

The island has its own distinct culture, however, that isn’t like the rest of the province. A trip to Cape Breton invites you to experience the Celtic heritage through the island’s food, music, and easy-going way of life. It’s also the home to the Cabot Trail, one of the most beautiful drives in the world.

Ski Whistler Blackcomb

Summer is here, so many of us are thinking about how to enjoy the good weather. If you know that it will be a while before you have enough saved up for a trip, why not plan for a winter vacation? The resort town of Whistler can be found if you drive a couple of hours north from the city of Vancouver in British Columbia.

And the drive is well worth it for more than the destination. Going from Vancouver to Whistler takes you along the Sea to Sky Highway where you’ll take one of the most scenic drives of your life. Whistler is a world-famous ski destination thanks to its two mountains: Whistler and Blackcomb. There’s also a spa that you can enjoy when you’re not skiing a part of the city’s 8000 acres of skiable terrain.

Arviat, Nunavut

If you really want to experience a unique place unlike any other, then you need to head to the most northern parts of the country. The most southern hamlet on the Nunavut mainland, Arviat, is a serene and treeless expanse. This is a wonderful place to visit to experience Inuit culture and art first-hand. You can learn about their traditions as well as the ways they hunt, fish, and sew to last the harsh Canadian north.

It’s best to visit in late August through to September at which time the tundra changes colour similar to the way leaves do in the fall. The sight is truly unique: endless expanses of red, orange, and yellow shrubs. At this time of year, you can also see the caribou migration and watch the ways the locals harvest and hunt out on the tundra.

Churchill, Manitoba

If you want to experience Canadian wildlife, the city of Churchill is the best place to get close to some really stunning creatures. Churchill sits on the northern tip of Manitoba, above the Hudson Bay. It’s also one of the only residential places in the world where you can see wild polar bears living in close proximity to humans.

You can go dog-sledding here in the winter and during the summer you can get the sledding experience with a cart on wheels. The best time of year to visit is between mid-June and September, when nearly 60,000 beluga whales gather in the warm waters off the coast. If you’re feeling very brave, you can even kayak or snorkel among them!

Prince Edward County, Ontario

Picture the most postcard-worthy, quaint, and peaceful countryside and that’s pretty much what you’ll get in Prince Edward County in southern Ontario. You might even be surprised to find a place that is so unique and distinct just two hours away from Toronto.

You can go camping in the Sandbanks Provincial Park or pay a visit to an adorable bed and breakfast of your choice. PEC is also home to plenty of farms and wineries, which means that you’ll be able to sample some fresh and delicious local food.

No matter where you want to go, you need to know how you’re getting there. Taking a vacation and learning to budget your finances both require some planning and commitment. Luckily there are financial professionals who can help people get back on their feet if they’re dealing with debt. From there, all that’s left is to decide where to go.

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