Frugal and Fun Staycation in Toronto

Frugal and Fun Staycation in Toronto

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Enjoy a Low-Cost/No-Cost ‘Vacation’ in the Toronto Area

No money for a Vacation? Then it is time to have a stay-at-home vacation!

So popular is this frugal and fun vacation alternative – it has its own name – a staycation (we kid you not!).

During a staycation you get to:

  • sleep in your own bed,
  • not have to listen to “are we there yet?”,
  • relax without travel stress,
  • visit places in Toronto you did not know existed,
  • see parts of Toronto you have been meaning to get to, and
  • get a truly refreshing, fun break from routine without going into debt.

To make the best use of your staycation you need to do a little research and planning – just like you would if your were going abroad.

Planning Your Toronto Staycation

In the Toronto area we are blessed with a wealth of adventure and excitement opportunities – many of which you can enjoy for very little or no money.

Your plans will, of course, depend on whether or not your have children, and if so, how old they are and what their interests are. Don’t forget to include your own interests and likes – after all you are on holiday too!

Depending on where you live and what you and your family enjoy – you might find that you can just stay around your own home and have a great time, without going anywhere.

If you want to try some staycation adventures in Toronto, here are some great places to start your research:

Making Your Staycation a Success

Plan your holiday and plan to have fun!

Remember, you are not going to spend money like a tourist – but you are going to enjoy your holiday.


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