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The Dangers of Co-Signing Loans for Family Members

As Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy Trustees in the Greater Toronto Area, we routinely hear heart breaking stories of people who have ended up with huge debts as a result of co-signing loans for family members.

Perhaps the most insidious part of co-signing loans, is the fact that family members are being put at risk to protect a bank/lender’s investment. Not only is a co-signer financially responsible for the debt – when the payments are missed, some agreements require the co-signer to immediately repay the entire loan.

If the banks/lenders (who are experts at judging the likelihood a debt will be repaid) think someone will not pay the loan – betting against them by co-signing, is a losing game. Whatever happens, they are the winners.

Don’t Do It Grandma!

So, what is Grandma to do when her 22 year old granddaughter asks her to co-sign a loan on a $26,000 new car?

Say “No”.

Or, if you are uncomfortable with a simple no, try a more gentle approach: “I love you _____, but I promised your Grandfather I would never co-sign a loan for anyone, even you.” Note: It is ok to lie to your grandchildren if it is to protect them and yourself.

Be Firm Mom and Dad!

If the 22 year old approaches her Dad or Mom for the co-signature, they can take a more direct approach with comments like:

  • Are you nuts?
  • You are 22 years old – what do you need a $26,000 new car for?
  • Save up your money, and buy a used car.
  • I will help you find a good used car – but I won’t pay for it, or co-sign a loan for it.

Don’t Be Played by Guilt!

There is nothing to feel guilty about if you refuse to co-sign a loan for a family member. By refusing, you are helping them to live within their means.

Just as you would stop a child from putting their hand on a hot stove burner – teaching a family member to stay out of debt and save for their purchases – is one of the best life lessons you will ever share.

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Putting together and executing a Consumer Proposal can be daunting, that is unless you work with Cori Naron at David Sklar & Associates Inc. Cori's advice and support has been instrumental over the past five years. Thank you Cori!!
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I filed a proposal with another group, which came in as a referral from one of my brokers. My experience went from ok to bad to worse, due to lack of communication and education on the process I was to embark on. I worked with Cori Naron in the past, and I came to her now for help on literally doing the work that the other group should have done. Cori stepped in, educated me, advised on rights, responsibilities, how the process works and what potential outcomes may happen. I do not have enough words of recognition and gratitude for what she did - she alleviated stress, anxiety, dead-end thoughts and she made me live again. Congrats to DSklar for hiring her and retaining such talent.
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Very professional service. Before contacting David Sklar & Associates i contacted bunch of other firms they seemed fishy. After I spoke with Jason Sklar at Hamilton Office I discovered professionalism with hope. I was explained every step of my situation with solution professionally. Thank you David Sklar & Associates.
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I met David a few months ago and i am glad I did. He has helped me all the way through my bankruptcy with good advice and explained every step of the process. David is a very down to earth and very professional. Anytime I've had a question I was able to reach out to David by phone or email and he always got back to me. If your struggling with your bills and need a way to get help, I strongly recommend David Sklar &Associates to help you. My experience with them on 1-5scale would be a 5;; My life is so much better now, thanks to David Sklar.
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I have had the privilege of being supported by Jackie S, at David Sklar n Associate.She was helpful, professional and friendly. I was able to get the help I needed at a difficult time in my life. I would recommend anyone who needs support with working out their debts to ask for Jackie, she will be waiting to assist however she can to help you through your debts. She works with a team who is always ready and responsive.Thank you Jackie and your team:)
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