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The main goal of this blog is to help our website visitors better understand Bankruptcy. Through example and explanation we will try to take the mystery out of one of life’s most challenging lessons.

Since 1997 David Sklar & Associates has been successfully helping people in the Greater Toronto Area deal with Bankruptcy. Our extensive experience has given us a unique perspective and understanding – which we will be sharing with our readers in this blog.

Bankruptcy in Toronto is governed by two main pieces of legislation; the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (governs Bankruptcy and insolvency in all of Canada) and the Ontario Execution Act. (sets out which assets are exempt from a Bankruptcy settlement in Ontario). By law, Bankruptcies can only be filed in Canada by a Licensed Bankruptcy Trustee.

Important Note: Bankruptcy is the very last resort of debt removal – it is only to be taken when all other options have been explored with a Licensed Bankruptcy Trustee. At David Sklar & Associates, this initial consultation is free.

Bankruptcy is not an easy out, but as with most of life’s difficult challenges – it can be a process of learning, growth and positive renewal.


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